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Tips for a Super Hygenic & Clean Kitchen Sink

For a quick and clean kitchen sink that leaves it germ and stain free try these simple steps:

  1. Apply gloves and an apron or wear old clothes
  2. Remove any food and dirt debris from the basin and plug hole with a piece of paper towel and throw away
  3. Use some thick bleach and squirt it all around the basin and using a wet sponge wipe all around the sink, faucet and drainer – leave for 5 minutes. The bleach will kill germs and remove stains and grime
  4. Rinse with warm water being careful not to splash the bleach and leave to air dry

Top Tip!

For a super shine to stainless sinks use a dry microfiber cloth to buff the steel to a beautiful sheen. And to maintain a clean kitchen sink for longer be sure to rinse away those soap suds after washing up so that the bubbles and grease don’t sit in the basin breeding germs!