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Speed Cleaning Tips from Cleaners in Rustington

The obvious short cut to cleaning is to call in the professionals! Paid cleaners are the masters of all things clean and know all the techniques to achieve a great result without cutting corners. But if budget does not permit this then there are a few tips to get through the housework in super speedy time…

Schedule a time to clean

Setting aside a time when you know you can dedicate yourself to proper cleaning is better than doing a bit here and there and never really doing it effectively. Sure we all clean up to some extent as we go but by giving yourself a slot you can make time to do the things that don’t get seen to daily like dusting the skirting boards, removing grubby finger prints from doors and higher up dusting.

Invest in good equipment

You don’t see cleaners using cheap mops and low power vacuums. They invest the money to use good quality gear which ultimately dose a better job and often more quickly too. I like microfiber cloths which attract the dirt like a magnet and don’t leave smears or remnants of lint behind (I hate those traditional yellow dusters! It seems the lint catches on everything and you end up with yellow tufts everywhere!). I also like a Dyson vacuum, they’re super powerful, don’t need bags – which saves time, and they come with an array of tools including a hose that reaches all the way up the stairs without having to balance the vacuum on each step risking injury.

Get a storage box for your cleaning supplies

You can bet your bottom dollar that when you’re upstairs and you need the window cleaner you realise you’ve left it under the kitchen sink! Solve this and save time by keeping all your products in one handy container that you can take with you as you go and have everything to hand.

Don’t get distracted

It is so easy to get distracted by sorting and tidying rather than cleaning. Leave the sorting of cupboards and allot a separate time to do this.

Do one thing right through

I find that by de cobwebbing right through, then dusting right through, then vacuuming right through saves a great amount of time. If you work one room at a time you’re constantly carrying equipment from one room to another and it gets in the way and slows you up when you could just go right through and then put the item away. My only exception would be for the bathroom and kitchen which I would tackle in one go.


If the beds need changing do those first, you can then get the washing machine on and be getting on with other things while they’re washing. Then when you have finished you can hang them out to dry. The essential hygiene areas like kitchen and bathroom would always be top of my list and dusting too.

I hope you find these tips useful and if you get stuck for time call us!