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Help he’s broken the tumble dryer!

It is getting on for that time of year when we soon won’t be able to hang the laundry out on the washing line because it is too cold and damp. As with many of us I have relied heavily on my tumble dryer once the colder months kick in to get through the weekly bedding, school clothes, towels etc.

I came in from work last month to find hubby cursing in the kitchen and the tumble dryer in bits scattered all around the kitchen. The belt had snapped because on the one occasion he’d decided to put something in it he’d over loaded it and the already worn belt gave up on him!

Unable to repair it, the dryer ended up at the tip. Needless to say I was pretty miffed but at the time the weather was still warm so I carried on using the line in the garden. But in recent weeks I have had days where I can’t dry the bedding and towels and have started to miss my dryer.

I must point at out this stage that I have decided it is hubby’s job to source a replacement dryer and I am on this occasion not backing down!! But this meant I needed an alternative solution as he’s one of these men that likes to take his time and I needed a dryer!

Like many of us we have a conservatory on the back of the house and we very rarely use it. So I bought 2 airers and popped them in there. They fold flat easily if I need to get them out the way and are very light weight and easy to slot into a cupboard.

I have been delighted with my purchase! Not only do I save money by not tumble drying my items, but I can hang the washing out when I feel like it – day or night. And it makes the house smell lovely! I was concerned about condensation but I simply open a small window to air the room.

The most important benefit here though is the impact on the environment. Dryers are made using earth’s valuable and increasingly scarce resources, they use large amounts of energy and end up in landfill in a relatively short space of time. Cheaper models mean we can easily buy a replacement but usually at false economy as it doesn’t last long term and requires costly repairs or replacing.

Plus let’s not forget that tumble dryers can shrink clothes, I still haven’t been forgiven for accidentally including the £120 La Coste jumper and shrinking it to half its original size! Oops.

*Tip – ensure you let the clothes have plenty of air. If you over cramp the airer the items will not receive sufficient air to dry and begin to smell damp – hence my buying 2. You can always finish items off on the radiators or in the airing cupboard too.

I hope I have inspired you to give it a go, with household energy bills increasing year on year we all welcome savings and as an increasingly environmentally conscious nation I really feel this is a great step to doing your bit to help the long term sustainability of our planet.