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Cif Cream Lemon is my absolute all-time favourite cleaning product! Definitely a 10/10. Originally known as Jif and manufactured by multinational giant Unilever, it was first launched in 1974 in the UK and it revolutionised household cleaning. It replaced popular but messy cleaning powders and its attraction was its cleaning power that didn’t cause scratching like some of the powders then on the market.

In 2001 Jif rebranded as Cif and is kept as a staple cleaning item in most households today in the UK.

Why do we love Cif Cream Lemon so much?

For me I think it is its versatility. I use it for everything. Whether it is removing soap scum or lime scale in the bathroom, shining my kitchen sink and removing grubby finger marks from cupboard fronts, removing grubby marks on doors and walls, cleaning up UPVC – it just seems to do such an amazing job! I love the smell and the micro particles make light work of any scrubbing required. Find out all the different recommend uses direct from the Cif website, they have some really great tips and product guidance on there.

This cleaner is available in the original Cif Cream Lemon and also Cif Cream White. Recently newer products have been added to the range including Cif Iris Flowers and Violet Petals and Cif Starwberry and Lily Kiss, they sound lovely don’t they! There appears not to be much difference between them other than fragrance.

More recently Cif have launched Cif EasyLift, spray products each designed for different needs i.e. bathroom, multipurpose etc. You can see Cif’s full range of products by clicking here.

Cif Cream Lemon