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7 Must read autumn cleaning tips

Say goodbye to summer!

If you’re anything like me your wardrobes will be bursting at the seams and in need of a declutter. It makes sense as the weather turns to take out your summer clothes, wash and iron them and store them away until next year. I put mine in vacuum packed bags under the bed where they are out of the way.

Refresh your winter wardrobe

If you’re laundering summer items to store away you may as well do the winter ones too, that way they’ll be nice and fresh when you come to wear them. Dig out your coats and jackets too and take them to the dry cleaner, it won’t be long until you need them!

Keep out the cold

Not everyone has summer and winter curtains but if you do now is the time to change them over before the cold snap really starts. You might want to get them dry cleaned, but check the label as you may be able to launder them yourself and save a few pennies!

Put the sparkle back into windows

If you’re taking down curtains you may as well give the windows a good clean. Read this blog post Clean windows, frames and seals to a shine for some great tips. As the sun sets low in the sky in the evenings there’s nothing worse than staring at streaky windows!

Snug as a bug in a rug?

During summer time my family become very complacent about taking their shoes off as they’re ‘clean’ and ‘dry’! Over the months dirt will have come off your shoes and worked it’s way into rugs – eve if you can’t see it I can assure you it’s there at the bottom of the pile. You could simply hang it over the washing line and give it good bashing or you could get it professionally cleaned.

A tidy home is a tidy mind

If you’re like me and spend a lot more time indoors during the autumn and winter then it makes sense to declutter so that when you are at home you feel relaxed and calm. If you’re trying to relax but looking around thinking “that needs to go away” or “I really must sort that out” you won’t be doing much relaxing – so get it done now, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Plan a project

In my home we save decorating projects for the winter, so why not start to plan these now? Make a list, where will you start, what will you need? Maybe use Pinterest to pin some inspiration and ideas. I love the scandi trends that are so popular on there now.

Lastly, buy some scented candles and a new snuggle blanket and relax and enjoy the cosy nights in with a lovely glass of wine and a good film – enjoy!

5 secrets to a clutter free bedroom

  1. Organise Your Drawers

I don’t know about you but I find it’s really easy for drawers to get cluttered and full of junk because let’s face it, when they’re closed – no one knows about the crowded horrors that lie within! If I know someone is coming I’ll shove stuff in drawers so that it is out of sight and out of mind! But in the long term this just leads to chaos and the even bigger task of clearing them out.

A great solution is to have individual spaces for similar items and it is easy to buy those drawer organisers so that you can get things in order.

Remember, don’t keep too much stuff in one drawer, the key indicator of a disorganised drawer is that you have to rummage around in there when you’re looking for something, so, avoid putting stuff in there that you should be putting somewhere else.

  1. Keep horizontal surfaces as clear as possible

This goes for dressing tables, shelves and bedside tables and any other furniture you may have in your bedroom. Visually, you want to keep your bedroom surfaces free from bits and bobs – because the less stuff you see in your room – the more calming and peaceful the room will be. It is a place to go and rest not a place for stuff to accumulate.

  1. Use storage boxes

This is a simple solution that you’ve no doubt seen before, use storage bins to contain items that you need to keep but you don’t necessarily use on a regular basis.

These boxes are perfect for shoes, seasonal clothing and accessorise, toys and books. You can even find some that will fit neatly under your bed or on top of your wardrobe if you measure up beforehand.

  1. Get rid of things you no longer use

Before you put anything into these storage boxes – you’re going to have a sort out and you have 5 seconds to give yourself a compelling reason to hang onto something and have it take up space in your room, and in your life or to give it to charity or bin it completely. If you’re running out of room in your bedroom, it’s not because you need a bigger one – it’s because you can probably do with less any way!

  1. 1 in – 1 out

When you buy something new consider whether you really need it and if you think you do you could adopt a 1 item in – 1 item out policy. That way, you will always have the same amount of stuff in your bedroom at any given time.


Follow these great tips and you’ll have a clutter free bedroom in no time!

Tips for a Super Hygenic & Clean Kitchen Sink

For a quick and clean kitchen sink that leaves it germ and stain free try these simple steps:

  1. Apply gloves and an apron or wear old clothes
  2. Remove any food and dirt debris from the basin and plug hole with a piece of paper towel and throw away
  3. Use some thick bleach and squirt it all around the basin and using a wet sponge wipe all around the sink, faucet and drainer – leave for 5 minutes. The bleach will kill germs and remove stains and grime
  4. Rinse with warm water being careful not to splash the bleach and leave to air dry

Top Tip!

For a super shine to stainless sinks use a dry microfiber cloth to buff the steel to a beautiful sheen. And to maintain a clean kitchen sink for longer be sure to rinse away those soap suds after washing up so that the bubbles and grease don’t sit in the basin breeding germs!

Cleaning Tips – Germ Proofing your Home

I must point out that I am all for letting my children be exposed to germs and truly believe that they build an immune system from this BUT when you have a poorly family member germs breed and spread around the home quickly and infect other family members. With a few simple steps you can reduce the spread of germs around your home and enjoy a healthier living environment.

What you’ll need:

  • Antibacterial spray
  • Bleach
  • Clean cloths
  • Washer/dryer or airer
  • Dishwasher

Biggest challenges include:

  1. Door knobs
  2. Used tissues
  3. Bedding, towels and living area cushions and throws
  4. Used crockery

Touching of door knobs, stair rails, light switches and the backs of chairs is something every family member does throughout the day and are real hot spots for germs. Therefore sanitising these by applying a spritz of antibacterial spray to a dry cloth will help kill germs on contact and minimise their spread.

Used tissues should be disposed of quickly and not left to fester on soft furnishings, or in my boy’s case, the bedroom floor! If you have a family member with a streaming nose give them a small carrier bag to contain the tissues and dispose of it regularly.

While plenty of rest helps cure an illness, it means cushions and throws in the living area are also hot spots because they have been in direct contact with germs. If you purchase washable covers and throws it takes no time to pop these in the machine to rid them of offending bacteria. The same with bedding and bathroom towels and flannels, put them on a hot wash. It is ideal to have two sets so that while one set is washing the fresh set can be used.

There are a few things I love about owning a dishwasher and the first is the fact that it frees up time and saves my lovely gel manicured nails! But also because it acts as a storage cabinet from unsightly and dirty used dishes. Be sure to put used crockery straight in here so that germs are not spread around the kitchen work surfaces and when full run a hot wash to ensure all the germs are killed.

Lastly you may want to replace toothbrushes that may have come into contact with germs.

I hope you have found these cleaning tips useful!


10 Amazing uses for a lint roller!

I have 2 cats and a dog so I regularly use one of these before I go out of the door in the morning but I have found that there are many other uses for these handy little gadgets too!

1. Cleaning out your handbag

I suppose any sort of bag can be cleaned with a lint roller.  Simply empty the contents and pull out the inner, then use a clean sheet of lint roller sticky paper to clean the sides and bottom.

2. Removing glitter

Glitter from Christmas decorations, costumes or crafts is usually a pain in the bum to deal with. But with a lint roller you can get those shiny bits off the carpets, tables and even skin in no time!

3. Cleaning up broken glass

Be it a lightbulb, an ornament or a broken glass, a lint roller makes picking up even the smallest shards of glass easier and safer.

4. Inside the car

Whether it’s crisp crumbs from the kids or dust on the seats cars you can clean car debris easily with a handy lint roller (you may want to use a smaller one to get into tighter crevices?).

5. Clean lamp shades

Use a lint roller to remove any debris or dust from your lampshade with ease. I find when using a duster its makes the dust fall everywhere and you can never quite get it all off but the lint roller gives a perfect finish.

6. Spot clean furniture

If company is coming over and the upholstery is crumby or dusty, use the lint roller to pick up pet hair, dust and debris and get your furniture looking spic and span in minutes.

7. Clean baby seats (buggy, car seat, high chair)

I think this is my favourite and I wish I knew it when my children were small! Keep a lint roller in your baby change bag to quickly clean up your buggy, car seats and any other area  our baby hangs out (and makes a mess of)!

8. Clean pockets

Like handbags pockets are awkward places to clean, and whenever they are cleaned, there’s always a collection of debris discovered at the bottom! Simply stick your lint roller into a coat pocket and roll it around a bit, remove it to reveal those strange particles, but more importantly, your clean pockets!

9. Blind cleaner / curtains

Cleaning the blinds and curtains can be a tedious task for some, especially using clunky vacuums. A lint roller makes it a much easier job.

10. Malting animals

I’m not sure how your pet will like this but some love grooming so why not remove unwanted hair with a lint roller and that way the hair won’t end up on the floor or you!

10 Cleaning Tips to get you Through Christmas!

Before I start I’d like to begin with a great quote from Andy Rooney “One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly!” That said in the run up to Christmas it is worth getting on top of a few things to allow you to enjoy and relax during the Christmas break.

  1. Declutter the living room to make way for the decorations. I usually wrap things in newspaper and pop them in a box in the loft when we get the decs down
  2. Book a professional oven clean. You wouldn’t want guests feeling put off their lunch because your oven is filthy!
  3. Clean your glasses that have been gathering dust since last year and polish away streaks
  4. Buff your special occasion cutlery and wash the dinner set
  5. Wash and press the table cloth and napkins if you use them
  6. Spruce up dusty decs in warm soapy water and leave to dry on a tea towel
  7. Buy a non drop tree such as a Nordman, the time you save from not having to clean up needles and pick them out of the carpet for the next few months is totally worth a few extra pounds!
  8. Don’t use snow spray on the windows – it is a nightmare to remove!
  9. Clean out the kitchen cupboards to make way for all the festive foods you’ll be stocking up on soon
  10. Defrost the freezer to make way for handy party food boxes that you can stock up on in case visitors swing by unannounced

Above all have a wonderful Christmas, relax and don’t let the Christmas day chaos get to you too much, it only comes round once a year after all!

Help he’s broken the tumble dryer!

It is getting on for that time of year when we soon won’t be able to hang the laundry out on the washing line because it is too cold and damp. As with many of us I have relied heavily on my tumble dryer once the colder months kick in to get through the weekly bedding, school clothes, towels etc.

I came in from work last month to find hubby cursing in the kitchen and the tumble dryer in bits scattered all around the kitchen. The belt had snapped because on the one occasion he’d decided to put something in it he’d over loaded it and the already worn belt gave up on him!

Unable to repair it, the dryer ended up at the tip. Needless to say I was pretty miffed but at the time the weather was still warm so I carried on using the line in the garden. But in recent weeks I have had days where I can’t dry the bedding and towels and have started to miss my dryer.

I must point at out this stage that I have decided it is hubby’s job to source a replacement dryer and I am on this occasion not backing down!! But this meant I needed an alternative solution as he’s one of these men that likes to take his time and I needed a dryer!

Like many of us we have a conservatory on the back of the house and we very rarely use it. So I bought 2 airers and popped them in there. They fold flat easily if I need to get them out the way and are very light weight and easy to slot into a cupboard.

I have been delighted with my purchase! Not only do I save money by not tumble drying my items, but I can hang the washing out when I feel like it – day or night. And it makes the house smell lovely! I was concerned about condensation but I simply open a small window to air the room.

The most important benefit here though is the impact on the environment. Dryers are made using earth’s valuable and increasingly scarce resources, they use large amounts of energy and end up in landfill in a relatively short space of time. Cheaper models mean we can easily buy a replacement but usually at false economy as it doesn’t last long term and requires costly repairs or replacing.

Plus let’s not forget that tumble dryers can shrink clothes, I still haven’t been forgiven for accidentally including the £120 La Coste jumper and shrinking it to half its original size! Oops.

*Tip – ensure you let the clothes have plenty of air. If you over cramp the airer the items will not receive sufficient air to dry and begin to smell damp – hence my buying 2. You can always finish items off on the radiators or in the airing cupboard too.

I hope I have inspired you to give it a go, with household energy bills increasing year on year we all welcome savings and as an increasingly environmentally conscious nation I really feel this is a great step to doing your bit to help the long term sustainability of our planet.

5 Unique uses for wooden pegs!

I was looking on Pinterest the other day and saw some really great uses for wooden pegs! Seeing as though it is the school holidays I thought I’d show you some as it may help you keep the children amused while they’re off school?! And for very little cost.

Peg dolly

These are so cute and so easy to make. Everyone has a few reels of cotton, wool, string or ribbon hidden in a drawer that they can use to make these. All you need to do is draw a face and twist the cotton round the peg to make clothes. If you have buttons hanging around why not stick those on too?



When the children have had an ice lolly save the sticks to make an aeroplane! All you need to do is paint them and glue them together. So simple but fun for the little ones.



I love these – so cute! Felt is dirt cheap to buy and makes great ears for these little animals. Or why not use newspaper and magazine cuttings for the correct colours?



After a trip to London and a visit to Buckingham Palace my boys were obsessed with the guards. These are super cute and again so easy to make.



Why not stick some pretty paper on them and use it to keep papers together? If you pop a magnet on the back you can put them on the fridge too!


Speed Cleaning Tips from Cleaners in Rustington

The obvious short cut to cleaning is to call in the professionals! Paid cleaners are the masters of all things clean and know all the techniques to achieve a great result without cutting corners. But if budget does not permit this then there are a few tips to get through the housework in super speedy time…

Schedule a time to clean

Setting aside a time when you know you can dedicate yourself to proper cleaning is better than doing a bit here and there and never really doing it effectively. Sure we all clean up to some extent as we go but by giving yourself a slot you can make time to do the things that don’t get seen to daily like dusting the skirting boards, removing grubby finger prints from doors and higher up dusting.

Invest in good equipment

You don’t see cleaners using cheap mops and low power vacuums. They invest the money to use good quality gear which ultimately dose a better job and often more quickly too. I like microfiber cloths which attract the dirt like a magnet and don’t leave smears or remnants of lint behind (I hate those traditional yellow dusters! It seems the lint catches on everything and you end up with yellow tufts everywhere!). I also like a Dyson vacuum, they’re super powerful, don’t need bags – which saves time, and they come with an array of tools including a hose that reaches all the way up the stairs without having to balance the vacuum on each step risking injury.

Get a storage box for your cleaning supplies

You can bet your bottom dollar that when you’re upstairs and you need the window cleaner you realise you’ve left it under the kitchen sink! Solve this and save time by keeping all your products in one handy container that you can take with you as you go and have everything to hand.

Don’t get distracted

It is so easy to get distracted by sorting and tidying rather than cleaning. Leave the sorting of cupboards and allot a separate time to do this.

Do one thing right through

I find that by de cobwebbing right through, then dusting right through, then vacuuming right through saves a great amount of time. If you work one room at a time you’re constantly carrying equipment from one room to another and it gets in the way and slows you up when you could just go right through and then put the item away. My only exception would be for the bathroom and kitchen which I would tackle in one go.


If the beds need changing do those first, you can then get the washing machine on and be getting on with other things while they’re washing. Then when you have finished you can hang them out to dry. The essential hygiene areas like kitchen and bathroom would always be top of my list and dusting too.

I hope you find these tips useful and if you get stuck for time call us!

Cleaning Product Review – Cif Cream Lemon


Cif Cream Lemon is my absolute all-time favourite cleaning product! Definitely a 10/10. Originally known as Jif and manufactured by multinational giant Unilever, it was first launched in 1974 in the UK and it revolutionised household cleaning. It replaced popular but messy cleaning powders and its attraction was its cleaning power that didn’t cause scratching like some of the powders then on the market.

In 2001 Jif rebranded as Cif and is kept as a staple cleaning item in most households today in the UK.

Why do we love Cif Cream Lemon so much?

For me I think it is its versatility. I use it for everything. Whether it is removing soap scum or lime scale in the bathroom, shining my kitchen sink and removing grubby finger marks from cupboard fronts, removing grubby marks on doors and walls, cleaning up UPVC – it just seems to do such an amazing job! I love the smell and the micro particles make light work of any scrubbing required. Find out all the different recommend uses direct from the Cif website, they have some really great tips and product guidance on there.

This cleaner is available in the original Cif Cream Lemon and also Cif Cream White. Recently newer products have been added to the range including Cif Iris Flowers and Violet Petals and Cif Starwberry and Lily Kiss, they sound lovely don’t they! There appears not to be much difference between them other than fragrance.

More recently Cif have launched Cif EasyLift, spray products each designed for different needs i.e. bathroom, multipurpose etc. You can see Cif’s full range of products by clicking here.

Cif Cream Lemon