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7 Must read autumn cleaning tips

Say goodbye to summer!

If you’re anything like me your wardrobes will be bursting at the seams and in need of a declutter. It makes sense as the weather turns to take out your summer clothes, wash and iron them and store them away until next year. I put mine in vacuum packed bags under the bed where they are out of the way.

Refresh your winter wardrobe

If you’re laundering summer items to store away you may as well do the winter ones too, that way they’ll be nice and fresh when you come to wear them. Dig out your coats and jackets too and take them to the dry cleaner, it won’t be long until you need them!

Keep out the cold

Not everyone has summer and winter curtains but if you do now is the time to change them over before the cold snap really starts. You might want to get them dry cleaned, but check the label as you may be able to launder them yourself and save a few pennies!

Put the sparkle back into windows

If you’re taking down curtains you may as well give the windows a good clean. Read this blog post Clean windows, frames and seals to a shine for some great tips. As the sun sets low in the sky in the evenings there’s nothing worse than staring at streaky windows!

Snug as a bug in a rug?

During summer time my family become very complacent about taking their shoes off as they’re ‘clean’ and ‘dry’! Over the months dirt will have come off your shoes and worked it’s way into rugs – eve if you can’t see it I can assure you it’s there at the bottom of the pile. You could simply hang it over the washing line and give it good bashing or you could get it professionally cleaned.

A tidy home is a tidy mind

If you’re like me and spend a lot more time indoors during the autumn and winter then it makes sense to declutter so that when you are at home you feel relaxed and calm. If you’re trying to relax but looking around thinking “that needs to go away” or “I really must sort that out” you won’t be doing much relaxing – so get it done now, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Plan a project

In my home we save decorating projects for the winter, so why not start to plan these now? Make a list, where will you start, what will you need? Maybe use Pinterest to pin some inspiration and ideas. I love the scandi trends that are so popular on there now.

Lastly, buy some scented candles and a new snuggle blanket and relax and enjoy the cosy nights in with a lovely glass of wine and a good film – enjoy!