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5 Unique uses for wooden pegs!

I was looking on Pinterest the other day and saw some really great uses for wooden pegs! Seeing as though it is the school holidays I thought I’d show you some as it may help you keep the children amused while they’re off school?! And for very little cost.

Peg dolly

These are so cute and so easy to make. Everyone has a few reels of cotton, wool, string or ribbon hidden in a drawer that they can use to make these. All you need to do is draw a face and twist the cotton round the peg to make clothes. If you have buttons hanging around why not stick those on too?



When the children have had an ice lolly save the sticks to make an aeroplane! All you need to do is paint them and glue them together. So simple but fun for the little ones.



I love these – so cute! Felt is dirt cheap to buy and makes great ears for these little animals. Or why not use newspaper and magazine cuttings for the correct colours?



After a trip to London and a visit to Buckingham Palace my boys were obsessed with the guards. These are super cute and again so easy to make.



Why not stick some pretty paper on them and use it to keep papers together? If you pop a magnet on the back you can put them on the fridge too!