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5 secrets to a clutter free bedroom

  1. Organise Your Drawers

I don’t know about you but I find it’s really easy for drawers to get cluttered and full of junk because let’s face it, when they’re closed – no one knows about the crowded horrors that lie within! If I know someone is coming I’ll shove stuff in drawers so that it is out of sight and out of mind! But in the long term this just leads to chaos and the even bigger task of clearing them out.

A great solution is to have individual spaces for similar items and it is easy to buy those drawer organisers so that you can get things in order.

Remember, don’t keep too much stuff in one drawer, the key indicator of a disorganised drawer is that you have to rummage around in there when you’re looking for something, so, avoid putting stuff in there that you should be putting somewhere else.

  1. Keep horizontal surfaces as clear as possible

This goes for dressing tables, shelves and bedside tables and any other furniture you may have in your bedroom. Visually, you want to keep your bedroom surfaces free from bits and bobs – because the less stuff you see in your room – the more calming and peaceful the room will be. It is a place to go and rest not a place for stuff to accumulate.

  1. Use storage boxes

This is a simple solution that you’ve no doubt seen before, use storage bins to contain items that you need to keep but you don’t necessarily use on a regular basis.

These boxes are perfect for shoes, seasonal clothing and accessorise, toys and books. You can even find some that will fit neatly under your bed or on top of your wardrobe if you measure up beforehand.

  1. Get rid of things you no longer use

Before you put anything into these storage boxes – you’re going to have a sort out and you have 5 seconds to give yourself a compelling reason to hang onto something and have it take up space in your room, and in your life or to give it to charity or bin it completely. If you’re running out of room in your bedroom, it’s not because you need a bigger one – it’s because you can probably do with less any way!

  1. 1 in – 1 out

When you buy something new consider whether you really need it and if you think you do you could adopt a 1 item in – 1 item out policy. That way, you will always have the same amount of stuff in your bedroom at any given time.


Follow these great tips and you’ll have a clutter free bedroom in no time!