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10 Amazing uses for a lint roller!

I have 2 cats and a dog so I regularly use one of these before I go out of the door in the morning but I have found that there are many other uses for these handy little gadgets too!

1. Cleaning out your handbag

I suppose any sort of bag can be cleaned with a lint roller.  Simply empty the contents and pull out the inner, then use a clean sheet of lint roller sticky paper to clean the sides and bottom.

2. Removing glitter

Glitter from Christmas decorations, costumes or crafts is usually a pain in the bum to deal with. But with a lint roller you can get those shiny bits off the carpets, tables and even skin in no time!

3. Cleaning up broken glass

Be it a lightbulb, an ornament or a broken glass, a lint roller makes picking up even the smallest shards of glass easier and safer.

4. Inside the car

Whether it’s crisp crumbs from the kids or dust on the seats cars you can clean car debris easily with a handy lint roller (you may want to use a smaller one to get into tighter crevices?).

5. Clean lamp shades

Use a lint roller to remove any debris or dust from your lampshade with ease. I find when using a duster its makes the dust fall everywhere and you can never quite get it all off but the lint roller gives a perfect finish.

6. Spot clean furniture

If company is coming over and the upholstery is crumby or dusty, use the lint roller to pick up pet hair, dust and debris and get your furniture looking spic and span in minutes.

7. Clean baby seats (buggy, car seat, high chair)

I think this is my favourite and I wish I knew it when my children were small! Keep a lint roller in your baby change bag to quickly clean up your buggy, car seats and any other area  our baby hangs out (and makes a mess of)!

8. Clean pockets

Like handbags pockets are awkward places to clean, and whenever they are cleaned, there’s always a collection of debris discovered at the bottom! Simply stick your lint roller into a coat pocket and roll it around a bit, remove it to reveal those strange particles, but more importantly, your clean pockets!

9. Blind cleaner / curtains

Cleaning the blinds and curtains can be a tedious task for some, especially using clunky vacuums. A lint roller makes it a much easier job.

10. Malting animals

I’m not sure how your pet will like this but some love grooming so why not remove unwanted hair with a lint roller and that way the hair won’t end up on the floor or you!